Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Five Glass Slippers

 Five Glass Slippers by Elizabeth Brown, Emma Clifton, Rachel Heffington, Stephanie Ricker, and Clara Diane Thompson

 I don't like the story of Cinderella. I know, horrible me. I blame the Disney movie. It drove me crazy as a kid. "If she really loves the prince, why did she run off? If he loved her just as much he wouldn't care if she was wearing rags! If her step-mother is that horrible, why doesn't she leave? Why are they so worried about the slipper? The prince would have to be blind to think either of her sisters are her. Does he only love her because she is pretty? They only danced, how well could they have gotten to know each other? No one can wear glass slippers and dance in them! They don't even have to be as clumsy as me for that to be impossible."

 Since then I have never cared for any Cinderella story. But then I read the original in school - you know, the creepy Grimm one where the step-sisters cut off parts of their feet so the shoe will fit. (Still, how did he not know they weren't Cinderella? Did he even look at her while they danced?)

 Five Glass Slippers is a collection of Cinderella re-tellings. I was asked to read and review the story by Emma Clifton. You'd think, it being Cinderella, I would have turned it down. But I liked the cover - I know, I know, don't read a book just because of the cover. But it is a cool cover.) Anyways, I am SO glad I said yes!

 First off, Emma's story, since that is the one I was requested to review. (I was told I could read the others if I wanted, so I did.)

 Emma's story, Broken Glass, is a mix between Steampunk and magical. And her characters are amazing. (This is a short story. I don't like short stories because there is never enough time to develop characters and have the reader fall in love with them. Well, there is, I just haven't found many.) By the end of this story I loved everyone. Every single one of them. Emma asked me who my favourite was and I couldn't pick. 
 The ending had me clapping and cheering. 
 I plan to re-read this story a lot. So far it is my favourite Cinderella re-telling. Steampunk, brothers, complete character changes. Amazing story telling. It was wonderful, and I LOVED the ending. The ending made me happy.

 My second favourite was A Cinder's Tale by Stephanie Ricker. This story is set in space - how cool is that?! And she used names from the movie! I didn't catch it till a few pages in, but it was so clever. I loved it. And the characters were a lot of fun. It was one of the lighter stories and just enjoyable to read. I was giggling through most of it. Read it, it is wonderful.

 I enjoyed the other stories as well. They did what I thought was impossible, they made me love the story of Cinderella.

 If you love fairy tales, or like me couldn't stand the story of Cinderella, this collection is a must read. It will completely change you outlook on a beloved story.

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  1. I don't like Cinderella much either... At least not the Disney version. There's a version that has Whitney Houston (and Whoopi Goldberg, and that guy from Seinfeld, and Bernadette Peters) in it that is absolutely AMAZING! It's the Roberts and Hammerstein musical version, which is a lot better than the Disney version. You should see it sometime! (The prince is quite a bit better than Disney's version too, if I remember correctly.)

    Anyway, I really want to get my hands on a copy of this book!