Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Word Changers

 The Word Changers by Ashlee Willis

 Posy comes from a broken family. Her parents are always fighting, and Posy fears they are going to divorce. One night, during one of their arguments, Posy leaves the house and escapes to the library, where she is pulled into a book. She is now thrust into a plot that is being changed by the king, and she meets his son - Kyran - who is determined to save the Plot, his world, and find his sister. Posy joins him on his quest, little knowing she is going on her own at the same time.

 I really don't know what to say about this book. You know how you read a book so good and unexpected, and you love it more than you thought you would, and you have trouble putting it into words? Well, that is what happened with this book.

 I knew I would like it. A girl who gets pulled into a book and gets to hang out with a dashing character. What better idea for a book could there be? There was just so much more to this book then I thought there would be. It blew all of my expectations.

 First off there is Posy, the girl who is pulled into the book. As I have mentioned before, I am kind of tired of girls who think they are better than boys and hate them for no reason. There are few things that make me lose interest in a book faster than that. Posy was delightful new and unexpected.
 One thing I really liked is how scared she was. I know, that probably shouldn't be high on my like list, but she felt more real. She was a modern girl who had never even thought of being in battles or fighting monsters, and all of the sudden she was surrounded by battles.I think anyone in her place would have been scared. (She was also brave, doing what she could to help even though she was scared.)

 Kyran, I loved him. He was everything one wants in a book hero. Brave, kind, and reckless. (We all like reckless book heroes. Or at least most readers I have talked to..)

 The owls. Really, how many people can make owls the bad guys and have it convincing?

 It reminded me of Narnia, the world mostly. I don't know what it is about it, but the whole time I was reading I felt like I was back in Narnia. In a good way. I felt like I had been there before and fit right in, it was fun.

 The romance. It was sweet. I like a sweet romance.

 The ending. It was a nice ending, a happy one, but there were still things left open. Not in a bad way - I felt like I wanted to laugh and cry all at once though. It was the kind of ending where you knew not everything had been solved but everything was not meant to, because in life, we are not left with a well wrapped up ending.

 The whole idea of the story. I don't even know if I can explain it enough to do it justice. I am just going to tell everyone to read it. The way the characters doubted the Author and felt abandoned by him and felt they had to fix everything on their own....that is a sorry summary of it. I really don't know how to put it into words. It was just amazing. It was a whole new look at God and the doubt we face when we go through struggles and wonder if God is with us.

 I really cannot recommend this book enough. Also, Ashlee Willis is one of those fun Authors who has a great blog everyone should read - which can be found HERE!!!!

 I was sent this book to read and give an honest review.

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  1. Great review! I love seeing that people loved this book like I did! <3