Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Don't you do it, Tommy! Don't you bloody do it!"

The Maze Runner staring Dylan O'Brien, Aml Ameen, Ki Hong Lee, Blake Cooper, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Will Poulter.

Thomas wakes up in a box with no memory of his past life. When the box opens he finds himself in a place called The Glade, a lush almost farmland inhabited by boys his own age. The Glade is surrounded by a maze and inside the maze are horrible creatures called Grievers. None of the other boys have their memories either, just their names, but they are determined to escape the maze. Some of the boys, called Runners, go out into the maze every day to find an exit, but after three years the leader of the Runners, Minho, is ready to admit there is no escape. Thomas' arrival changes everything, however, and now they must escape or die.

To be completely honest, I liked the movie just a little more than the book. I know, horrible of me. You can shot the wall if it makes you feel any better.

I don't dislike the book, I still like it. But there was something about the movie. I think with the book I felt just slightly distant from the characters. We see and feel everything Thomas sees and feels, but sometimes I felt like I wasn't exactly in the story. It was different with the movie. Part might be the actors. Everything they felt or thought was written on their faces, and I felt like I knew them and was there with them. Which, naturally, made certain things hurt more.

First off, there were changes from the book, but I'm one of those people who don't mind. I don't go to a movie to get the book exact. If I want the book exactly like the book I read the book. Movies alter things. They only have two hours. Which I'm glad for, I don't want four hour movies so they are word for word with the book.
Most of the changes were good. The maze was a bit more dangerous, but I liked the blade things. Those were cool and put me on the edge of my seat. The ONLY thing I missed was Newt calling Thomas Tommy. I liked that because it showed their promised friendship. Only your closest friends get away with nicknames.

The sets were amazing. The Glade was beautiful, the maze terrifying, and the Grievers gave me shivers.

There was some language. They used the actual cuss words the book replaced with Shuck and Klunk and such. There wasn't a lot of it though, which was nice.

Now to the fun part, the characters.

First I will do Alby. Alby didn't have as big a role in the movie as he does in the book, but when he is there you KNOW he is there. He is definitely the leader and the other boys look up to him and value everything he has to say. He was kinder than in the book, but this made him feel more like a leader. He took charge when it was needed - that is until he was stung.

Minho wasn't as sassy as in the book. The Minho in the book spoke what was one his mind, even to Alby. But this Minho was a bit quieter and kept to himself. Even more so after he gets stuck in the maze overnight and leaves Alby behind. You could tell he was ashamed of himself and wanted to make up for his cowardly actions. 

Chuck. Chuck was adorable. I loved Chuck. I will always love Chuck. He wasn't so much the annoying little brother in the movie as the little brother whom everyone couldn't help but love. He was the youngest and I think everyone felt like they needed to look after him. 

Teresa. I didn't care for her much in the book. I can't pin point why except for maybe her lover line which was awkward and Thomas going on and on about how he missed her when her voice wasn't in his head. I loved her in the movie though. She is more of a sisterly figure, and when she was throwing rocks at the boys, that was hilarious. 

Gally. I still can't get over Gally. It wasn't because he was nicer in the beginning of the movie than the book. It wasn't because he did the horrible thing. No, it was because he used to be little, cute Eustice, and now he is tall....and big in the arms. And he has a scary scowl. Who knew Eustice had that scowl and those arms hidden in his little Eustice body. Reep would love to go to battle with him.

Thomas. I love Thomas. He was nosy, curious, persistent, and wasn't going to stop till he saved everyone. And when he remembered and was so broken up over it it killed me. Also, the actor can cry. Really cry. It hurt. I cried. Also, he was sweet, but not in the unmanly kind of way. He cared about the other boys, even though he didn't remember any of them.

Now, I saved my favourite for last.

Newt. There are no words for how much I adore Newt. He was sweet, funny, he forgave Thomas and didn't hold his past over him, he never gave up, he kept everyone together. He stood up to Gally more than once. He looked after the other boys and he helped Thomas feel at home right from the start. Also, he had the cutest little face ever. Which made one scene at the end really hurt. Newt was one of those background characters who steals your heart and never lets go. (A Coulson character) He isn't there all the time, but you notice him when he is. I love Newt, and I fear for him.

I don't know what age this movie was rated for. It did have some frightening parts, so it probably wouldn't be best for younger children, but it is one I'd recommend for older ages. It is a great friendship story, and the plot has a surprising ending, which is always fun. 

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