Thursday, October 16, 2014


Nightrise by Anthony Horowitz

Jamie and Scott are twins with a special talent, they can read each others minds and talk telepathically. Their gift is being used in a kind of freak show where they are forced to work until the day Scott is kidnapped by a corporation called Nightrise. Jamie is saved and determines to save his brother no matter the cost. He teams up with a woman named Alicia and together they discover there is more going on then just a typical kidnapping. Scott and Jamie are two of the Gatekeepers, and the world's survival depends on them both being saved.

This is the third book in the Gatekeeper series and the first to not focus on Matt. And, as much as I love Matt, Richard, and Padro, I almost like this book more than the other two. It was also more painful, which is to be expected from the blurb - kidnapped twin and all.

The book takes place mostly in Reno, Nevada and the villain isn't as prominent like in the other books. Nightrise is a company which controls most of America and is run by powerful people, people who nearly have complete control over the government. Because of this they are hard to stop when they begin kidnapping children with special gifts. 

I loved the characters as well as the more edge of your seat plot.

Scott is clearly the older brother figure even though they are twins. He's spent his whole life looking after Jamie and taking care of him. The brothers were verbally abused growing up, but whenever it was physical, Scott would make sure he was the one who took the abuse so Jamie would not be hurt.
 Scott is a withdrawn person. He doesn't talk to anyone - or nearly anyone - besides his brother and he's angry the way they are treated. 

 Jamie is a little more outgoing, but is just as cautious as Scott because of one of his gifts. When Scott is taken Jamie discovers he can take care of himself more than he thought he could. He does things he never dreamed possible, all to get his brother back. Also, he uses a sword, so there is that.
 I love Jamie. He was sweet, but also sad. I felt like I wanted to take care of him and protect him. I think he is going to be something of the little brother of the group, the one everyone is going to want to look after He has that kind of personality.

 This book did hurt. Some scenes were incredibly painful, but I still liked it. I'm eager for the next one, at least I think I am. 

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