Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Bellflower by Amber Stokes

Bellflower is the short story re-telling of Beauty and the Beast.

Annabelle knows only one life, working in taverns and entertaining men. When she moves to a Western mining town she meets Jacob, her new boss. Annabelle is convinced she can't trust Jacob, but when Jacob begins to see her as a hurting girl and not as a means of bringing in business things begin to change.

When I read a romance I like cute ones filled with happiness. This one wasn't that, but I still ended up enjoying it well enough.

The plot was a little darker. While it was made clear what Annabelle did in her job nothing was ever mentioned or shown. I was grateful for that. 

The characters were believable and I liked them. Jacob was hard during the beginning of the book but then changed into the kind of man you knew would be there to look out for you.

By the end of the story I wanted to get to know Annabelle and Jacob more. 

I think someone who enjoys romances would really love this story, and it was an unusual twist on the Beauty and the Beast story, one I'd never come across before. 

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