Monday, March 23, 2015

The Iron Duke

The Iron Duke by L Ron Hubbard

This is a short story from "The Golden Age." There's a collection all written by this man and I hope to get more of them because I've loved them so far.

The Iron Duke is more of a romantic adventure then the other book I read by Hubbard. It features a swavy, swashbuckling hero, a beautiful girl, and a pudgy sidekick.

The story is about two thieves, though they go by fancier names, who are escaping Germany. In an attempt to get away Blacky Lee poses as the Iron Duke, a lazy prince who should have been easy to impersonate since he never leaves his rooms and Blacky looks just like him. However, there's a catch, and soon Blacky is having to sweet talk and dash his way out of a life and death situation.

This book kind of reminded me of Tintin or the Get Smart series. Filled with wild adventures and twists and turns, it was a lot of fun to read. The characters were what you'd expect - the tall, handsome hero who won the ladies over with his charming smile and winning eyes. The somewhat dimwitted and cowardly sidekick who was there for comic relief. The knock you over beauty heroine who was able to stand up for herself and turned down the hero's charms. And I loved every one of them. 

If you love swashbuckling adventures this is a must!

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