Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Song of the Wren-Falcon

The Song of the Wren-Falcon by Mary Ruth Pursselley

I think this book might be considered Epic Fantasy. I'm not sure because I don't really know what that genre classifies. But there was a lot of magic and battles and politics. Not usually my kind of thing. I don't mind magic, and of course I don't mind battles, but the politics lose me. And the story took about a two year span, and covered so much ground...well, normally with those kinds of stories I lose interest. 
I admit, there was one part where I nearly threw the book down and refused to read further, but hope that what happened hadn't really happened kept me going.

I'm glad I did.

I'm not sure what drew me into this book. I liked the characters a lot but I didn't fall in love with them where I didn't wish to be separated from them. The plot was one I was familiar with - betrayal, trust, renewed hope - and it was well told. I enjoyed the general story, but it isn't what stands out to me.

It's the actual word and the story telling. I loved visiting that world. I loved traveling in it. I love watching the seasons change, meeting the different races. I loved how the book was written. How it pulled me in and wrapped around me and showed me a world I'd never imagined before, but told it in a way I felt like I'd been there before. Like I wasn't a stranger.

While I don't consider this book a favourite of mine - just because it isn't really the kind of genre I enjoy, I have nothing against it - I had trouble putting it down, and I will be watching for the next one. Mary has a way of telling a story, a way to weave things together. The story flowed beautifully, I'm not even sure I can explain it, there were just so many different parts and elements to the story and I just love how Mary wrapped it all together. 

Even with all the edge of your seat moments, and there were some which had me wiggling all over and biting my nails, the story was enjoyable. I recommend it, but more to an older age group. Maybe late teens or something. (I'm bad at guessing age groups.) I'd classify it as Young Adult. 

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