Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Roverandom by J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkien wrote this book after his son lost a toy dog while the family was on vacation. It was the story of what the little toy dog did after he got left behind. It follows the adventures of Rover, or Roverandom as he is called, as he tries to break a Wizard's curse and return to his home.

Roverandom gets himself turned into a fairy sized toy dog after he offends a Wizard. During his journey to find the Wizard and get turned back into a normal dog he travels to the moon and then under the ocean. He goes on many adventures, makes friends, and even learns his manners. 

The book was really cute, but also exciting and I loved the worlds Tolkien brought to life. The parts set on the moon were beautiful, I think I enjoyed that part of the story the best. And all of the characters Roverandom meets made me feel as if I'd returned to Middle Earth. I ended up loving them all, but probably the moon Rover the best.

The whole story was enchanting. Exactly what you'd expect from Tolkien, but it was also light hearted. The perfect adventure for a rainy afternoon. And I plan to re-read this book. It is probably one of my favorites by him next to the Middle Earth books.

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