Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Four years have passed since tragedy broke Grace’s family apart

Sufficient Grace by Jessica Greyson

I love Jessica's books and this one was no exception. The story of Grace and her struggles through life were inspiring and encouraging.

Grace and her family have been hiding from their shattered past for years, but they are running out of places to flee to. To make matters worse, Grace is kidnapped by outlaws, and then saved by a deputy named Mitch. Mitch only seems to want to be her friend, but Grace isn't sure who she can trust and lives in constant fear someone will learn about her past.

Set in the old west, this story has the right amount of romance and action. With a mix of faith and sweetness it is a wonderful book to spend an afternoon reading.

Jessica's books have an almost simple, whimsical writing style to them which I just love. Her characters are amazing and always capture my heart - and by the end of it I usually fall in love with her hero. Mitch was no exception.

The way she wove Grace's struggles and Mitch's patience was inspiring and encouraged me a lot with my own struggles and past. I found I was able to relate to Grace, but also desired her to open up and trust. 

All of Jessica's books are worth the reading and this one is no exception. It left me longing for more books by her.

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