Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Welcome to the future, Clara Brackett."

Before Tomorrowland by Jeff Jensen and Brad Bird.

The year is 1939. Clara Brackett and her son Lee are off to New York for what could readily be called the first ever book convention. Or fan convention. It is something of their final adventure together as Clara is dying from cancer. They have no idea the trouble which awaits them in New York or the future which stands before them. 

This book had a feel of the movies Sky Captain and The Rocketeer. I loved it, every moment of it.

The cast of characters were vast, but not where I couldn't keep them straight, and some were familiar and some new. (Amelia Earhart, Nikola Tesla to name a few familiar ones.) I didn't think I would enjoy a point of view from real life people in a fiction book but I ended up loving them.

Then of course there was Henry Stevens whom I fell in love with in the beginning and...and...and....I can't say for spoilers sake but gosh. That fella. *Sniffle*.

The plot wove between characters and took place over a three day span. It drew me in and, while is started slow, I loved the slower time to get to know the characters better. 

The spread of the locations wasn't hard to follow either as each chapter gave a heading as to where it took place. Overall, while the plot had complexities to it I didn't feel lost or confused which was an added bonus.

Part Steampunk, part historical fiction, and part fantasy, this story was a lot of fun and only made me even more excited to see the movie, Tomorrowland.

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