Monday, November 26, 2018

“I had plenty of money in a satchel inside my trunk, but if they were going to kidnap me, then they could do it with their own coins.”

The Traitor's Game by Jennifer Nielsen

I have yet to meet a book by Jennifer Nielsen I didn't like. This one was no exception but certainly took me by surprise.

The story is about Kestra and Simon, two enemies who don't see eye to eye on much of anything, okay on nothing for that matter. However, Kestra has the means of getting what Simon and his band of rebels need to take down Lord Endrick, the evil ruler who is making everyone's lives miserable but his own. Together, along with a young girl named Trina, Simon and Kestra travel to Kestra's home to find the Olden Dagger which has the power to stop Lord Endrick's magic. There are a few problems though, the biggest being Kestra soon is torn on who is right and who is wrong in this battle of power, and Simon is finding himself being won over by this spitfire of a girl.

When I saw the cover for The False Prince I wanted to read that book, and I've been stalking Nielsen for new books since. But I didn't think I'd ever meet a character of her's I liked as much as I adore Jaron. That was until Simon showed up and I kind of tripped over myself falling in love with him.

Simon was by far my favorite character in the book and I want the next so I can spend more time with him. He is temperamental, can carry a grudge - until he finds out he was being too judgmental - and would give his right arms and some ribs to protect Kestra. I loved his devotion and how loyal he was to his adopted father - and I also really loved the scenes where he used his sword.

Kestra reminded me of Jaron in some ways, just short fused, but just as sneaky. She had a good reason to be sneaky though, since her enemies were making her into a traitor and keeping hostage the only father figure she had, because her real father was a jerkface. 

I am very eager for book two, mostly for Simon, but also to find out what happens. But mostly Simon.

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