Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Purple Moon, Sixteen

 I don't normally review two books together, but these two reminded me of each other - in a good way.

 Purple Moon by Tessa Emily Hill
 Sixteen by Emily Rachelle. 

 Both books might be called modern teen stories. Maybe, something like that. They deal with a lot of modern themes - teen drinking, smoking, and teen pregnancy. (Don't worry though, all of these themes are well handled and while both books are more fitting for readers over - maybe thirteen - they are not inappropriate.)

 Purple Moon is the story about Selena, a teenage girl who has grown up believing her pastor father kicked her and her mother out. Her mother started drinking and Selena had to grow up before she was ready - and dwelt with her mothers drunkenness by drinking herself. Selena's mother later decides they both need help so she goes to consoling and leaves Selena with her aunt, uncle, and bratty cousin.
 Selena promises her mother she will give up on drinking, smoking, and partying while she is at her relatives but it isn't easy, not even when she meets the neighbors - a Christian brother and sister who attempt to befriend her.
 Through the story Selena has to face her struggles and reasons for running away from God.
 It was a good story and I had trouble putting the book down a lot of the time. I did have a couple problems with how two or three of the Christians were portrayed - one girl gets angry with Selena and it kind of feels like it is okay that she is because she is a Christian. I think it was dwelt with later in the story, but I don't remember. I was reading too quickly. The girl and Selena forgive each other, but it just seemed to be handled a little oddly. (But, again, when I really like a book I read quickly and then go back and read it again later and that is when I pick up all the little details.)

 Sixteen is kind of a similar story. It is told through flashbacks - Nikki's flashbacks as she tells her daughter about her birth. Nikki became pregnant as a teen, but again, it was handled well - in that I mean the Author didn't go into details. The story is mostly about how Nikki's life was changed by the choices she made after it happened. This one was a shorter story - which was kind of sad because I would have liked to spend more time with the characters - and the ending was happy. I love happy endings. 

 And...you can find the two Authors blogs...here....EMILY and TESSA

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  1. Thanks for the review, Jack! I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

    Sixteen looks very interesting; I'll definitely have to purchase a copy. =)

    God bless!