Saturday, May 31, 2014

Champion in the Darkness

 Champion in the Darkness by Tyrean Martinson

 Champion in the Darkness is the story about Clara, a girl who is training to become a Sword Master, but soon discovers she is actually the next Champion, a special person who raises up when the kingdom is in danger. 
 Soon after Clara learns this, the kingdom falls under an attack brought on by the selfish king who wanted revenge for his dead wife. Now Clara and her friends must fight together if they hope to end an evil reign and save the people.

 I wanted to read this book when I learned there were swords in it - one of the fastest ways to get me to read a story. But I must admit, I had my doubts when I learned the main sword wielding character was a girl. (So often when this is done in books the girl looks down on the men in the story, thinking they are dumb and helpless.) So, even though deep down I doubted that would happen in this book I had my doubts.
 I don't think a girl character had surprised me so much since reading Seraphina.

 Even though Clara is an expert with the sword, she doesn't think more highly of herself than those around her. She views her gift as something given to her, not something she got herself, and this knowledge keeps her humble. Also, she uses her talent to help those around her, not to make them seem weak or helpless. Never once did she look down at, say, the Shepherds because their talent wasn't carrying around a sword.

 Something else that also surprised me was the Christianity element in the story. So often I've read "Christian" books which have the same theme. "God is love and everything will work out for you." Yes, God is love, but He is SO much more than that. And Tyrean showed so many more of His attributes. A judge, a shepherd, and a warrior. I was really surprised and impressed, and I came to love the story all the more because of it. 

 I also really loved the "hero" in the story. (I'm not really sure if he was the hero or not, but he was REALLY cool. And he flew a griffin, what more can you ask for in a hero? So even if he wasn't meant to be the hero, he was very cool.)

 In short, I would really recommend it - and it is on sale now as well! It was a fun, exciting story, without the typical Christian messages in it. (You know, the ones used over and over and over again.) Very well done, but now I am eager for the second, which isn't out yet.

 You can find Tyrean's blog HERE!

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