Saturday, May 31, 2014

Second Son

 Second Son by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

 Second Son is book two in the Minstrel's Song series. I read book one - King's Warrior - a year or so ago and really enjoyed it, especially the character Brant. Mysterious, stern, slightly gloomy - pretty much everything I like in a character. When I found out book two was going to be Brant's story before King's Warrior takes place I was delighted. 

 Rhoyan is the second son of the king and queen. For years there has never been a second prince born and gossip flies as his birth fits with an ancient prophecy about a second son saving the kingdom. Rhoyan spends his young life unaware of the expectation being placed on him. All he cares about his having adventures with is older brother - who is also his best friend. But with so much being placed on him, it is only a matter of time before he and his brother learn about the prophecy, one which will forever change their lives.

 Since I knew what happened to the characters, since this a prequel to book one, I didn't think I would be surprised a lot by this book - or saddened by it. I knew the brothers' fate, so I thought I would be able to handle their story as boys together. I was wrong.

 Even knowing what was coming, when it actually started to happen I was still sad. And there were still plenty of surprises, though even if there hadn't been I wouldn't have minded. (This was Brant's story after all, I got to spent 400 pages with him, who cares about being shocked?) (Like I said though, there were surprises. Sometimes they were jaw dropping surprises.)
 There was also a lot of action and some amazing friendship moments. And sorrow. I almost cried in about three parts, and at the end I had tears in my eyes - mostly because I knew what happened to everyone in King's Warrior...

 A lot of the book is about Brant's travels. He is very restless and goes far and wide, meeting people and fighting Hydras - yes, Hydras, because he is cool - and Dragons. A lot of the side characters he meets are fun and I was sad whenever he parted ways from them. One or two I was especially sad to say good bye too.

 There was also one part in the book where I greatly admired Jenelle, who I know loves The Lord of the Rings. A lot. 
 In the book the characters are traveling and hear trouble behind them and one says, "Horses! Behind us! Off the road now!" When I was reading it I was wondering the extent of self control Jenelle might have had to use NOT to say, "Off the road! Quick!"
 On that note, I believe she was able to sneak in a Lord of the Rings' reference later in the book. A wizard is talking about someone and says, "He is a relation of your mother's, son of a third cousin twice removed." (Like I said, I don't know if it is a sneaked in reference, but it made me giggle and hope I'm not the only Author who tries to slyly sneak in references into books.)

 After finishing Second Son I wanted to start King's Warrior and read it again. Sadly, my reading list was too long, but I plan to re-read both. This has fast become one of my top favourite Fantasy series and I am already bouncing around waiting for book three. 

 For anyone who loves Fantasy and Dragons and heroes - and hilarious proposals - I strongly suggest this book. 

 You can find Jenelle's website HERE!!!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you liked it! :)

    Hee hee, technically I wrote the book before the Fellowship movie came out... :) so they were actually stealing MY line. :) (Unless it's also in the book, I can't remember... now I have to go read it again)

    And I'm curious what you thought the line, "He's a relation of your mother's..." was in sly reference to, because it may have been, but I'm drawing a blank...