Friday, May 16, 2014

In His Image

 Firmament: In His Image by J. Grace Pennington

 (Book two in the Firmament series. Beware spoilers.)

 I loved book one in this series, so I started book two with a lot of expectations. I wasn't disappointed. 

 In His Image is missing a lot of the edge of your seat, nerve wracking excitement in book one. While Andi and her friends are again in danger it isn't the same kind of danger in book one. But because of the story and the characters and the whole world this book takes place in none of that matters.

 Andi joins the captain and a few others - including her new found brother, the doctor, and Crash Eagle - when they go to explore a new planet. She believes it will just be another routine exploration and is shocked when she and the others run into actual human beings. These "Aliens" take her and the others to their city where Andi and her friends try and learn more about them, who they are, and how they came to be there. Meanwhile, her faith is tested and her father's life is put in danger when he breaks the long standing rules the people live by.

 I compared book one with Star Trek. This one was even more so. The best way to describe it is if the Star Trek adventures were ever put into a book they would sound like the adventures Andi and her friends go on. In His Image is believable without taking away from the Science Fiction feeling.

 The only problem I had with this book is August is hardly in it. He is stuck back at the little ship when it crashes, taking care of one of the crew members who is wounded. I love August. So I was sad he didn't get more time in the story. I am hoping for one where he and Andi get a whole book together. A brother and sister story where they try and figure out how to be a brother and sister. *Hint hint to Grace*

 But other than the lack of August the book is amazing and everyone should read it. It is worth it. 

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