Thursday, May 29, 2014


 Ransomed by Elizabeth Ender

 Elizabeth Ender is friends with my new favourite Author, Jessica Greyson. When Ransomed was first published, Jessica was one of its main supporters, talking about how amazing it was and how everyone should read it. (I believed that anyone who could write a book as amazing as Annabeth's War knew a good book when she read it, so I added Ransomed to my list. It was a while before I could actually buy it, and once I had finished it I regretted not getting it sooner.)

 I've always loved Allegory's, ever since my aunt read The Pilgrim's Progress to me and my cousins when we were younger. I have had a hard time finding good Allegory's though - one's I've not read since I have read most of the older ones. Ransomed didn't disappoint me.

 Only 54 pages long, the story is a powerful one.The whole book is well written and the pictures are amazing. The Allegory is familiar - a prince doing everything he can to save his beloved - but that doesn't take away from the message. Even though it is a story many Christians have heard over and over, Elizabeth Ender's book is still amazing. It is one I will be recommending for the rest of my life. I strongly suggest that anyone who can get their hands on this little book do so.

 You can learn more about Miss Ender and her book HERE!

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  1. Thank you for reviewing Ransomed! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your taking the time to tell others about it. :)