Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Steampunk Detective/ The Firebird Mystery

The Steampunk Detective by Darrell Pitt (Recently republished as The Firebird Mystery.)

 What if Sherlock Holmes was an older man who had lost his beloved son and Dr. Watson was an orphan boy in need of a family? This book answers that question.

 Jack grew up in the circus, preforming with his parents. However, one day their act goes wrong and his mum and dad fall from the high wire to their deaths. Jack is sent to an orphanage, then later is taken in as an assistant to the great detective Mr. Doyle, who - on their first meeting - fires a pistol shot past Jack's head. Thus begins an adventure and friendship that will forever change their lives. 

 Mr. Darrell has created a world that is filled with airships, giant machines, and ships that move and battle in space. He takes the reader on a breath taking, sometimes non stop adventure. Mr. Doyle could easily pass for an older Sherlock Holmes, in fact there are many Sherlock references in the book which was only added fun. 

 The descriptions in this book flow easily and come off the page without effort. It is easy to believe that when you look out the window you will see towers reaching up into space and airships puttering across the sky. 

 The story is set during the start of a war. Someone is stirring up trouble, and to find and stop this person Jack and Mr. Doyle - and their new friend Scarlett - must travel all about the world and face many dangers. One of which consisted of jumping out of a window onto an airship - which I liked 8-D.

 I highly recommend this book, which can be found online at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. And if you wish to learn more about the author you can read his website.HERE

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