Sunday, June 1, 2014

Finding Lily

 Finding Lily by Jessica Hammond

 Finding Lily is set in America, but in an America not many would recognize. A law has been passed which bans all books and creativity. And Lily, at the age of...fourteen I think it was. I'm sorry, I'm rubbish with ages. But trust me, she wasn't very old. Anyhow, she has a job at a well to do business, she has finished school, and she has everything a person in that world could want. Until the day she is kidnapped by a loony lady and the chap who loves her, the lady not Lily. Both are part of a rebellion that wants creativity back, only the lady is completely batty.

 The story was a fun read. It had some surprising twists and turns, and though I was confused through bits of it, I did enjoy it. One part was quite sad, but I liked the overall out come of the ending. Jessica has a lot of promise as an author and I will certainly be reading her newest book Kat and Kadet.

 You can find Finding Lily on Smashwords and Kat and Kadet on Wittpad.
 Sadly Jessica is no longer blogging so I have no blog address for you all.

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