Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Pirate Daughter's Promise

 The Pirate Daughter's Promise by Molly Evangeline

 I read and loved Molly's Makilien Trilogy and her newest book, Resistance. The Pirate Daughter's Promise is one of her first books, maybe her first,  just don't want to say first and realize later I was off.

 Skye McHenry is the daughter of a pirate who was hanged for his crimes even after he'd reformed. She's grown up in an orphanage, always keeping her father's secret, the one he made her promise to tell no one. Keeping her promise has never been difficult, until she is kidnapped by pirates, and her life and those she loves, is put into danger.

 In spite of pirates being far less then admirable in history, there is a part of every reader, I believe, who likes a pirate story. This was one of the few I've read, however, where the pirates were really bad. Usually they are just treasure hunters with quirky qualities we end up liking. The pirates in Molly's book closer to actual historical pirates. Skye is tied to the mast when she is on the pirate ship and starved. While I like Jack Sparrow as much as the next person, it is nice sometimes to meet real pirates and be reminded they weren't all insane treasure hunters who tipped their ship upside down.

 There was also a Will, because all pirate stories need a Will. William James, while he didn't reach my favourite hero list, did leave a lasting impression on me. I was fond of him by the end of the book and pleased to learn he is in the next book.

 Reading Molly's newer books first and then going back to this one, I saw a huge improvement in her newer books. Her writing style is simpler in this book, and at times felt like it was wandering and wasn't as tight a story. But in spite of that, I did enjoy it. It was more of a fast paced adventure, not an in-depth character look like some of her other books. 

 It is an enjoyable story and one I would recommend without hesitation. Especially for those who love Historical Fiction. 

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