Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Nothing goes over my head, my reflexes are too good. I'd catch it."

 Guardians of the Galaxy starting Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Lee Pace, (and let's not forget Karen Gillan, because we can't have a list without her.)

 Peter Quill is living on earth with his mom, but when she dies he is abducted by Aliens and taken off into space. Years later, he becomes a thief, and just happens to steal an orb, which lands him in prison and all kinds of trouble. Teaming up with a raccoon, a literal Alien, the main bad guy's family member, and a walking tree, Peter is tossed head first into a mission to save the universe. 

 When I saw the preview for this I was expecting something like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Fun, cheesy, full of dorky lines and likable characters and a quirky adventure. It had all of that, but more then I was expecting.

 The characters had more depth and back story then I ever imagined. There were moments when I thought I was going to cry, and one moment where I teared up. There was a lot of back story, though it wasn't heavily piled on in information downloads. I felt it was all well balanced and came out slowly during the movie, so the viewer was able to catch all of it and not feel bored. (I thought the worse back story was Rocket's. His hurt more then a funny movie should have allowed.)

 Peter Quill was what one would expect from a thief who didn't want to be a hero. Dashing, sarcastic, enjoying life. Always with a witty come back. He was like the real life version of Flynn Ryder. 

 Gamora, the only girl to travel with the Guardians, is a bitter and angry character - but when you find out why it is kind of hard to dislike her for it. I think I'd be angry too if my - I forget what the bad guy's relation was to her. I think father, but I don't remember. If my whatever he was turned into a Galaxy stealing mad man and tried to kill me, or hired someone to kill me. Just, you know, family betrayal is kind of hard to adjust to.

 Then there is Drax, the literal Alien who is fuming mad his family was killed. For being a buff, angry man out to kill anyone and everyone, he was really funny. He had some of the best lines in the whole movie.

 And one cannot forget Rocket and Groot. They are one of the best duos in the history of movies. On that note, they were also the cause of my near crying and tearing up. I mostly just want the second movie for them, I already miss them.

 There were some things in the movie, I heard. The kind of things that go over my head. So, while I personally think it was brilliant and highly recommend it, I shall slip in a warning that there were mentions of things, off colour I guess. My brother said he caught them, but I have no idea what they were. 

 That said, overall it was a brilliant story. A lot of fun, but with painful emotional moments made lighter because this is Marvel and Marvel makes us smile even through our tears. (There is a moment near the end, when all looks bleak and hopeless, and Peter lightens the mood by breaking into a dance. Things like that, the reason we all love Marvel.)

 The plot was well done, the CGI stuff - I know, real technical of me there - stunning, and Karen Gillan is a much scared villain then I think anyone could have expected. Sure, she had grouching Scottish moments in Doctor Who, but who really expected Amy Pond to kick people in the head?

 There is one thing I do have to warn about or I would feel bad if I didn't. I didn't sit through all the credits for the end scene, I had to use the bathroom too badly. But a friend sent me a picture of one of the characters at the end scene. Howard the Duck. And his picture alone was disturbing. So, heads up to anyone who has yet seen it. The end scene might be the creepiest thing you will ever see in your life.

 To end, just watch it. It might not be anything like Iron Man and Captain America, but it is still a fun movie. And to those who don't like dorky movies, I suppose avoid it. Though you will be missing out.

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