Monday, February 2, 2015

He Whistles for the Cricket

He Whistles for the Cricket by Gwen Walker

Miriam loves animals and more than anything she'd like her own pet dog. She doesn't think she will ever be able to own one though so doesn't even bother asking her parents. But when an orphan puppy adopts her, her life and the lives of those around her are changed.

I wanted to read this book because my kindred spirit, Jenelle Schmidt, spoke so highly of it. I bought it for Christmas and saved it until I had a moment to enjoy it. I started it Sunday afternoon and couldn't put it down till I had it finished that night.

First of all, I love sweet short stories. This fit perfect into all I love about them, but more. I loved the glimpse into Miriam's world. Her world of barefoot summers, farm land, small misadventures, and endearing families.

Miriam was a sweet little girl growing up with her parents and older brother Jeff. At age ten her constant companion became Moses, a puppy she saved from drowning without realizing it. Together, they teach compassion their neighbors and bring a smile to a family who suffered a loss. Miriam is brought out of her shy little whole and brightens up the world of a lonely little girl.

I cannot praise this story enough. Everyone ought to read it. It made me laugh, and I nearly cried three times. It is a lovely little book and needs to makes it way into the hearts of readers everywhere. 

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