Monday, February 2, 2015

Orphan's Song

Orphan's Song by Gillian Bronte Adams

Summary: Birdie has a secret she is scared to share. She can hear a song no one else in the world can. It plays over and over, the same notes, and those she has told about it say she is insane. To Birdie the song is a curse, but to Amos - a traveling peddler - and a group of rouge children preparing for a war it might be the one thing they need to stop an evil from destroying the world they know.

I first wanted to read this book on the cover. I love the cover. It looks sweet and adventurous with a mystery hidden in there. I wasn't disappointed in my assumption.

The first thing I fell in love with besides the cover was the main character, Birdie. Birdie is quiet, but at the same time will stand up for herself even when it might get her in trouble. She is something of a slave to a tavern keeper who took her in after her parents died. Her biggest fear though is not her cruel mistress and her horrible sons, but that she truly is insane like her mistress says. Birdie is a character I could sympathize with. She was sweet, afraid, but brave. Everything you'd expect from a 12-year-old who discovers she has a gift which could change the outcome of a war.

Amos was probably my second favourite character. He was mysterious and homely and loved Birdie as if she were his own daughter. There were times he got aggravating because he REFUSED to reveal anything, but I never stopped loving him.

Ky is what I suppose might be the second main character. He lives in underground tunnels in the city with other orphans. He and them are training for an uprising and war. Ky is different from the other kids though. He looks out for them, when the rule is only to take care of ones self. Also, he fights with a sling. How cool is that?!

The plot itself wasn't the kind which leaped off the page and had me on the edge of my seat, but I loved every minute of the adventure. It reminded me of a Narnia adventure almost. Exciting, but where a little more time was spent on showing me around this wonderful new world. I loved it.

This is a great fantasy book and I am eagerly awaiting book two. I've taken to stalking Gillian's blog for news on it.

You can find Gillian's website HERE 

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