Thursday, March 26, 2015

Diary of a Teenage Superhero

Diary of a Teenage Superhero by Darrell Pitt

When I started this book I was looking around for something easy to read, something with lots of action and an easy plot. I just wanted a fun book, nothing too serious. This was just what I was looking for, though it isn't the kind of book I enjoy so I didn't come away loving it.

I've read another book by Darrell Pitt and I love it. He's a Steampunk Author and was one of the Authors who helped me get started down my own publishing path. I admire him and his work, and was thrilled to find he'd written more than one book. Being a Steampunk Author myself, and liking that genre the way I do, I devoured his first book. 

This book has his same style but I didn't enjoy it as much. Again, only because it just wasn't my kind of book. It is about teens, saving the world and fighting Aliens. A cool plot idea, and it had a lot that worked for it. The plot wasn't overused, the characters were fun, and it had some edge of your seat moments.

It is told in first person present, which I'm still not fond of. I didn't find it as annoying as other books I've read though, and sometimes forgot about it. Maybe I just liked listening to Axel talk.

The characters were what you'd find it almost every teen book or movie. The handsome leader. The pretty girl who can break bones. The rounded funny one. The buff tough guy. And the quiet girl who in some form or other can turn you to dust. In spite of this, I felt like Axel and his friends didn't fit into the same, over used mold. They were interesting and fun to read about.

The bad guy was creepy. He disturbed me. Think Muller from the Tintin stories. I was not expecting that kind of villain in this kind of book, but I liked him being there. He added a dark element, though the story never got too dark or serious.

Overall I think the book is worth reading. It's a four part series. I don't plan to finish the series, but only because I don't really care for the genre. I intend to return to the Steampunk series with Detectives and steamships and all of that. But this book is worth spending time on, especially if you just need something fun for the afternoon. And Axel is amazing. 

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