Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Battle of Castle Nebula

The Battle of Castle Nebula by Stephanie Ricker

I first heard of Stephanie and her characters in The Five Glass Slippers book, a collection of Cinderella re-tellings. Her story was one of my favourites, as it took place in space and she used all of the character names from the cartoon. (Jac, Gus...) I loved the way she portrayed the characters and was thrilled when she released this book, which is the beginning of their story.

Elsa is leaving her home planet after the death of her parents. She sets out to become a Cinder - which is a miner, only ten times more dangerous - in the hopes of starting a new life. She soon meets Bruno, a middle aged man who seems to find no joy in life. Elsa and Bruno don't know it, but they have more in common than they realize.

This book is told through a series of flashbacks. Normally I always end up feeling lost when I read books written like this, but this one flowed well. I loved getting a chance to see the characters in their earlier lives. It made them more lifelike, but also painful - something I'd never thought I'd say about these characters.

The science fiction part of the story is well created. There isn't an over amount of detail given, but somehow I still could see everything and knew how it all worked. It was amazing, I loved how Stephanie did it.

There was language in it, but mostly what is considered "mild" and during parts where you'd naturally find people shouting such exclamations.

I didn't like how short the book was. I wanted more!! It ended too quickly, and I must console myself with watching eagerly for the next book. I recommend it though, even if you don't typically read Science Fiction. It's well worth reading.

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