Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Sherwood Ring

The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope

I'd heard a lot about this book before I read it. I had several friends recommend it to me, but I knew it was a romance story and therefore kept putting it off. In the end I am glad I did. Had I read it younger I wouldn't have enjoyed it so much since I've only come to like romantic stories now. That said, I love this book!

I think everyone knows the plot by now, but for those who don't, the story has two parts to it. The modern setting with Peggy and Pat. Peggy goes to live with her eccentric uncle after the death of her dad. She wants a family since her dad wasn't much of a father to her, but soon discovers his brother isn't going to be the father figure she hoped for.
 She meets Pat, a wild but sweet young man who is trying to trace back his family history. A history Peggy's uncle knows but is keeping locked up.

The secret is connected to the ghosts which "haunt" Peggy's uncle's home. The ghosts who visit Peggy and tell her their stories. They are the ghosts of Peggy's ancestors, as well as Peaceable Sherwood, the dashing, loveable, sassy Tory who always, ALWAYS, gets what he wants. (Anyone who doesn't love Peaceable might need their heads checked.)

The story was surprisingly fun for being a ghost story. I loved the way the ghosts wove their tales for Peggy, and how they worked so hard to fix her own romance. And I loved all of the characters, but especially Pat and Peaceable.

The best part though was the ending. I was giggling so hard over the ending.Even if the rest of the book had been cruddy, which it wasn't, the ending would have well made up for it.

In spite of this being a romance it wasn't the sappy kind. It was a fun and well written and I am now with that long line of people who will insist everyone read this book.

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