Saturday, September 19, 2015

Our Accidental Adventure

Our Accidental Adventure by by Ness Knisley

This is the second book I've read by Ness. She writes shorter books, but they are some of my favourite. 

Summary: Three siblings go on a rafting trip, and somehow get mixed up with pirates, storms, and a lost treasure. Oh yes, and one mustn't forget their dwindling food supply since dying of starvation would be a sad way to go.

Mostly this book was just a lot of fun. The siblings get into all kinds of mishaps and then have to try and get out of them. I was a little sad it was so short, but it seemed to be the kind of story meant to be shorter so I didn't mind too much. (I just really love Ness's story telling style)

In spite of it being a short, fun story there was also a nice little message on prayer to go with it. Somehow Ness fit it into the story without making it sound preachy, if that makes sense.

Not only do I recommend this book, but I recommend Ness's other book. And very likely her third even though I haven't been able to read it yet.

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