Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ain't We Got Fun

Ain't We Got Fun by Emily Chapman and Emily Ann Putzke

Summary: Set during the great depression, Ain't We Got Fun? is a series a letters between two sisters, Gi and Bess Rowland. They've grown up on a little farm but Gi moves to New York - against her father's approval - in the hopes of getting a job so she can send home money to help her family. What follows is a series of mishaps and adventures to both sisters as they learn more about themselves and the changes going on around them.

I loved this book. It's the result of a letter game. It is the first letter game I've read. I tried one once years ago, and I disliked it so badly I didn't finish and hadn't picked up another since. But this one, the characters felt real. Not just the Authors writing fake letters to each other.

I think out of the two sisters Bess was my favourite. But the more time I read Gi's story the more I grew to love her. I especially loved the fellas though. And the Little Woman connection with Bess's story made me happy. That was one of the best parts in the whole book.

This book is shorter, something like a novella, but well worth an afternoon to read it. It is a lot of fun, and even has moments where you cannot stop turning pages because you have to know what happens next.

It is just a well written and fun story.

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