Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Wulver's Rose

The Wulver's Rose by Hayden Wand

This short story is part of the special Beauty and Beast re-tellings found in Five Enchanted Roses. Hoyden's story was released apart from the book for free. I snatched it up because it is Beauty and the Beast and I love that story. Also the cover is amazing.

The story takes place in Scotland. Bonnie's family is living well off and not aware that a spell has been put over a wealthy man and his daughter far from their home. The spell was placed in anger and can only be broken when a woman willingly agrees to marry the man who know looks like a wulver - or beast.

Bonnie, however, soon has many of her own problems to concern her. One night a fire changes her and her family's lives and they are forced to move into the highlands and into a small cottage. There Bonnie starts to have dreams about a yellow rose and a voice asking for help.

This story was beautiful. It help in tradition of the very original with a few new touches. Right away I came to love the characters, every one of them, and wanted them all to be happy.

The story is shorter, since it was written to go in a much larger collection, but it is still worth reading. Besides, it is set in Scotland, and the wulver is just wonderful. He might have even been my favourite character, and that is saying a lot because I loved everyone else so much.

And the twist with the rose at the end, that I adored. I think that was my favourite part in the whole book.

This story can be found for free on Kindle and Nook.

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