Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Time to Speak

A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes

This is the second book in the Out of Time Series, a dystopian series about a world were clocks count down to a person's death and the government has far too much control. I don't normally like this genre but I really enjoyed A Time to Die, the first book. I was eager to get this one.

Since this is the second in a series I won't say much for the sake of spoilers. Of course, there are the known facts. Parvin Blackwater lived. And she's now in a lot of trouble for it. Trouble which not only involves her but Solomon Hawke and her family.

First things first, what I loved.

The characters!!! Especially Solomon. I love him, a lot. Maybe even more than Parvin. He's the bestest. He's sweet and lovable and I need him happy.
Parvin herself. She's spunky and unsure of herself and nick names people because she can't remember their real names all the time.
Frenchie. I know, not her real name, but I like it. I think it is a cute nick name. And I was happy she had a bigger role in this book.
Parvin's dad. Because you can't help but love him.
Her mom. She grew on me the longer the book went on.

The setting.
Or style...either way, the whole thing felt real and I was pulled into the story and dragged along on their adventure and felt everything they felt. I loved that, even when it was COLD. Because we got thrown into Antarctica. Rude.

The bad guys.
And the fact they were real, actual bad guys and not the sort where you couldn't be sure who's side they were on. I like my bad guys to be bad.

What I had a hard time reading.
There wasn't anything I disliked about this book. Just, between the first and this one I've gotten to where I can't read character deaths too well, or grief scenes. This book had some and I had trouble reading them. Which means they were real, because I usually only have trouble if they feel real.

Oh yes, and Solomon's broken rib. As someone who has had her rib broken, I now understand what that means. In other words, it means you can't run about and carry things and have people bounce off your chest. They might not seem it, but they hurt.

THE ENDING. I still don't know what to think, and I need book three to ensure she didn't do the thing.

Over all, it's a must read for anyone who read the first book. And if you haven't read book one, read it and then read this one.

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