Thursday, January 14, 2016


Implant by J. Grace Pennington

I love Grace's books, I will just state that here before I go on. I've read everything she has written and it still isn't enough. I stalk her blog for updates on new books which I usually read too fast and then I have to wait all over again. Implant took me longer to start because of the holidays and a pile of requests I got at the same time, but when I did have time to start it I couldn't put it down.

Implant is unlike Grace's other books. Gordon Harding has just found out he has cancer, and has been given three months to live. Suddenly everything he's ever had planned seems pointless, that is until a future is offered him in form of an implant. An implant which could cure his cancer and save his life. Gordon is more than ready to accept, that is until he is pulled into the future and sees the side effects  of this life saving implant. Only one person can save the future world, and Gordon doesn't think he's ready for that battle.

I don't know where to begin my review for this book. I loved everything in it. Gordon wasn't really the hero type until the end, but I liked the chance to see a hero struggle with the fact he had to be the hero and felt he was far from ready. Gordon is very insecure about himself and needs several pushes in the right direction.

I loved so many of the other characters. Even Tanner even if he was barely in it. Then of course Doc and Neil. Doc and Neil are amazing even if all they do is bicker. Non stop. About everything. Sometimes just for the sake of bickering. They reminded me a little of Spock and McCoy. Doc, like Spock, was the logical one who did what had to be done and didn't let his emotions get in the way. Neil was nothing but emotions and not afraid to show it. (I'm beginning to wonder if Grace is a Star Trek fan or if I am picking up Star Trek references from her books simply because I'm the fan.)

The ending of the book floored me. I had so many speculations about the traitor, about Doc's identity, about the Head's identity, and I was wrong on every account but I have never had so much fun being wrong before.

This book has a lot more blood shed then Grace's other books. Everyone seemed to be dying left and right - but the ending fixed it all for me. The ending....I would rererererereread this book over and over for the ending. I loved that ending.

I am pleased to say Grace has again written another amazing book and has me again waiting on the edge of my seat for more of her stories. She can't write fast enough to please me.

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