Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Christmas at the Tittletons

 I've been meaning to do this review for ages, but I haven't had a lot of time to get around to any reviews and am only now finding time. I read this book at Christmas, because it is a Christmas story and I was trying to get into the Christmas feel which was being killed left and right because I had to work. (WHO IS EVEN OPEN ON CHRISTMAS?!)
 Anyways, this is one of those shorter books, which just has an old fashioned feel to it. I've only read one like this which wasn't a Classic. (And I am not talking about the Jane Austin kind of Classics, more like those fun short stories which were taken from old magazines or maybe Agatha Christie, but with a bit more charm to it.)

 The book I am talking about is Christmas at the Tittletons written by Joan Bassington-French. (Even her name has that old fashioned charm to it. Like a name from Jeeves and Wooster. Ah, and there it is. It has that kind of feel to it, even though no one is ever killed in the Jeeves and Wooster stories.)

 The story is about a young lady named Jessamine Warbling who goes away to spend the holidays with some of her very dear friends, the Tittletons. She expects a nice time with her best friend, but this is all shaken when a dead body is found in the alleyway, followed by a maid being killed in the library. Now everyone in the house is under suspicion, and Jessamine gets involved, hoping to expose the murderer.

 This isn't one of those edge of your seat murder mysteries. But, even though it wasn't one of those books which kept me up late into the night, I still loved it. I think it will end up becoming that one book I read every Christmas. I felt like I was there, and I became very fond of the Detective. I reached the end of the book wishing he had a book about himself. He was kind of charming, even when he lost his temper - which didn't happen often. And the little kids in the book were adorable.

 I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a nice holiday story. And the best part is, it is on sale! You can find out more about that on Miss Joan's blog, which can be found HERE!


  1. Lovely, Miss Jack!

    Thanks for the review/testimonial. I'm glad someone liked Inspector Fionn besides myself. I think you might be the first!

  2. That does sound good.

    I love the title of your blog, by the way. Good old Donna Noble. :)

    I totally get you about being open on Christmas. I think it's CRIMINAL. I'd be the kind of boss who shuts everything down during the Christmas season. "Everyone go home, it's holidays until after the Wisemen come!"

    I would be so loved. LOL