Friday, September 19, 2014

Anon, Sir Anon

Anon, Sir Anon by Rachel Heffington

This was another book I had the chance to beta read over the spring.I was looking forward to this one, as it was more up my genre then her other book, Fly Away Home. (I love mysteries.)

Genervieve Langley (Vivi as she'd prefer to be called) is unmarried and has no beau. When her uncle needs someone to look after him while he recovers from an illness, it seems logical to everyone in Vivi's family that she should be the one to go. She arrives in the small village little expecting to find her uncle involved in fencing matches and bets with the local doctor. The bets involve solving mysteries and when a woman's body is found Vivi is recruited to help find her murderer.

The thing I loved best about this book was Farnham, Vivi's uncle. He was the kind of uncle I believe everyone secretly wants. Cranky, stubborn, set in his ways, something of a hermit, and lovable. He was my favourite character. Something like an older Sherlock Holmes.

Vivi took a while to grow on me, but I enjoyed her company by the end of the book. She was spunky and used to standing up for herself, something she had to pick up with so many people thinking she needed to marry the first eligible man who showed up. (Something I felt I could relate to.)

Another point for the book was the food descriptions. Books always get points when they make me hungry.

The plot was well crafted. I enjoyed the twists and turns in the mystery and the possible suspects. I kind of figured who had done it before the end, but kept hoping I was wrong, which is always fun.

There was mild language. Not like in Fly Away Home, from what I remember. But I might have the two mixed up. 

But it was an amazing book and I am pleased it is a series because I want to spend many more adventures with Farnham and Vivi.


  1. Jack, I am so glad you continued to like Farnham because, you know, Farnham is meant to be his "uncle you secretly wish you had" sort of way. XD Also, chuffed to bits you are looking forward to the series because I shall be starting the second book soon. :3

  2. I am SO looking forward to this book!