Friday, February 13, 2015

Sabotage in the Sky

Sabotage in the Sky by L. Ron Hubbard

This is a short story from the 40's. I heard of Hubbard's books a year or so ago and even found one at a yard sale. But while book hunting I stumbled across this one and couldn't pass it up.

The story is about pilots Bill and Kip who are flying new planes which are supposed to be able to complete with the German's WWII fighters. There is a problem though, someone is messing with Bill and Kip's planes, endangering both their lives.

This book reminded me a little of the Hardy Boys books. It was filled with near death scrapes and impossible escapes. And it involved planes. Everything I could ask for in an adventure book. I enjoy impossible adventures. I always have. Anything that can't happen but does is perfect with me.

The characters are the sort you'd expect from the 40's era. Bill is dashing, a bit arrogant, and completely daring. Kip is rash, adorable, and blond. She can fly as well as any man and likes to prove it, even if she is so tiny she can barely see out the wind shield. She and Bill don't get along for most of the story and their bickering had me laughing almost non stop. Especially Kip. Any time a girl throws wrenches I am amused.

The plot was simple, but still satisfying. And I loved the ending, even though I think it is now the kind of ending which would be shunned. I thought it was sweet and fun.

There is some language in the book. The kind one would expect during that time frame. 

Over all though, the story is fun and well worth reading. It's perfect for the weekends, or when you're in between books. Hubbard knows how to tell a story, and I will be picking up more of his from now on.

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