Saturday, November 7, 2015

Phineas and Ferb

I think everyone knows what this cartoon is about. Or has at least heard of it. The series follows the adventures of two brothers, Phineas and Ferb, as they try and get the most out of their summer. Meanwhile their sister, Candance, spends her summer trying to bust them and their crazy inventions.

I have to admit, I got embarrassed when I first started the show. I didn't want to admit I watched it. I mostly did just because I needed something fun, with nothing serious in it. As I went along, however, I realized how much I actually liked about the show. By the time I finished it I was shocked to discover not only did I like it there was a lot in it which surprised me.

The biggest thing I liked was Phineas and Ferb's family. There are so few shows I've found which focus on families and how important they are. Even though Phineas and Ferb are step brothers they act as if they were born blood brothers. They are close and do everything together. That part in itself was great and I loved, but as the series went on it got even better.

The parents are clearly in love. They even have a couple of moments where they disagree on something, but they don't ever really fight - which I guess wouldn't be put into a kid's show anyways. But how often is it shown parents being in love? It was fun and I liked that.

I also just loved how their parents accepted their kids and all their oddities. The mom let Candance drag her home day after day and just went along with the fact she had a high strung daughter. She didn't try and change her, but let her be herself even when that self was jittery and ready to blow a socket. She loved Candance and everything about her.

To add to that is Jeremy, Candance's boyfriend. I found their whole relationship cute. Like Candance's mom, Jeremy accepted that she was this slightly on edge, paranoid person. But he loved her in spite of that and the few times she tried to change even said he missed that side of her. Often in shows the message of being yourself is there, but the self the characters are is normal and goes along with the crowd. It was nice to see a character different, with faults, but whom those around her still loved.

Over all the show is mostly just tons of fun. It is ridiculous, has Perry the Platypus and his spying, and all kinds of impossible things in it. But it also has sweet moments, and overall I just enjoy it and like to watch it over again from time to time. The fact Thomas Stansgter talks Ferb only adds to the fun.

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