Saturday, November 28, 2015

What Thou Need'st

What Thou Need'st by Bethany Canaan

This short story tells the story of Kendall Thatcher, a young man who desires to be a knight in spite of being mute. He becomes a squire to Prince Bartholomew, a selfish young man with the heart of a Dragon. One day, the hidden hardness of his heart is revealed for all to see and the only cure Bartholomew can find is a note with the words What thou need'st, P written on it.

There was a lot I loved about this story. The characters were fun, especially Princess Violet, Ruth, and Kendall. I even liked Bartholomew later on in the story. 

The style reminded me of something Howard Pyle would write, only with less thous and thees. The setting was amazing and I was able to envision everything. Especially the castle. It was my favourite setting in the whole story.

The story starts slower and I wasn't sure if I would like it at first or not. Mostly in the beginning it is Kendall telling about his early life and I feared the rest would just be him telling about the events. I was delighted though closer to the middle when things picked up and I got pulled into the story.

It's a perfect book to read over an evening cup of tea. It isn't published through Amazon or anywhere else like that, but can be read online if you go to Bethany's BLOG and click on the book in the sidebar.

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