Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Yorien's Hand

Yorien's Hand by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

I've been looking forward to this book since I finished King's Warrior. The only reason I didn't complain when Second Son came out and it was a prequel and not a sequel is because...BRANT!

When Jenelle asked for ARC readers I jumped at the chance. I jumped so fast I tripped over myself to get in line for the honor.

Yorien's Hand opens up a few years into Oraeyn's short reign. His rule has gone well, until he starts to have nightmares. An evil is looming and drawing closer. The world's only hope lies in a prophecy and a fallen star known as Yorien's Hand. Oraeyn and his friends go on a dangerous quest in the hopes of saving their world.

Everything about this book I loved, starting with the cover. Jenelle has the best covers for her books. All of my favourite characters also returned...Oraeyn, Brant, Yole, even Jemson whom I loved by the end of King's Warrior. The characters are some of my all time favourites, I love their interaction with each other - especially Brant and Kiernan. (Speaking of which, I now REALLY want to know who he is. More than I did in the other books, and I really wanted to in those books.)

I really enjoy Jenelle's view of myth creatures - Unicorns, Griffins, but mostly her Dragons. Ancient, wise, but also mysterious and slightly dark, they are everything I like best in Dragons. They're there when the characters need them most, but there's a side of them which always seems dangerous and a little uncertain of being trustworthy. 

I also really love Jenelle's story telling style. It reminds me a little of Tolkien and just fits fantasy perfectly. I always get pulled into her stories and I like to wander around her worlds visiting Dragons, going on quests. Her descriptions are enchanting. I always feel as if I am in her world, drawn in as if I've always lived there. She can bring scenes to life with vivid strokes. Her books are not only exciting but also pretty to read.

This book was a little more fast paced than the others. The enemy was darker and there was more at stake. The ending had me at the edge of my seat, but everything ended nicely, though I had one guess wrong. I won't mention it for the sake of spoilers but it involved the High King.

Anyone who loves fantasy should read these books. They have everything fantasy books should have, and I am now eager for book four.

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